When The FUD Shows Up, STEEM Steps Up!

If you have been off the blockchain for the past few days, you may have missed Ned’s recent post about Steemit Inc having to lay off 70% of it’s staff…

It didn’t take long for that to become one of the hottest blog posts of the year and the conversation is still going strong…

Who is at fault?

Who is to blame?

There are plenty of fingers being pointed but also some amazing suggestions on how we can grow and thrive!

The post even caught the eye of FUD-central Coindesk, as they mentioned the ‘news‘ today on Twitter…


Nothing spreads quicker than bad news it seems in the crypto space…

I quickly responded to the Coindesk article because I wanted them (and their readers) know about the massive amount of GOOD NEWS that takes place on STEEM, every single day. And most of it, flies under the radar of these kind of sites like Coindesk.

I mentioned @steemmonsters and their amazing success and then talked about @Partiko and @Dtube as being fantastic stories of companies and projects that are growing with STEEM.

What was awesome to note was that a fellow Steemian @jaraumoses jumped into the discussion on Twitter as well and started to highlight @steemhunt @oracle-d and @fundition


I mean…It doesn’t take a PHd to realize the massive amount of development and excited that EXISTS here on STEEM, regardless of the FUD and seas of red in the markets.

After the madness of yesterday’s post by @ned , I saw STEEM shine once again…

@therealwolf ‘s epic post entitled ‘We Are STEEM’ highlights what so many of us feel and KNOW in our core…This is THE best blockchain on the web! It simply doesn’t get any better.

We are bigger than Steemit Inc, and that’s not taking anything away from the amazing work they have done. Everyone here appreciates their efforts but the blockchain is bigger than just one company or one individual.

Going forward, I truly believe we are going to see even more support for the dApps being created here. We will see more passionate projects and individuals come to STEEM regardless of the FUD and regardless of the gossip in the crypto world….

We are STEEM!

A group of passionate people that believe in change! And STEEM is our path to that change.

Yeah, I’m a fan boy!

Something to remember is that the markets took a dive across the board. Nay sayers and general haters of STEEM will claim it’s this blockchain that is tanking in price but look at EVERY project. The entire crypto space has been hit, it’s not just one coin or token.

And when you get past looking at the price, you roll back the layers and see what makes STEEM so powerful….

Once again…It’s the people and communities!

Don’t doubt for a second how important that is…That’s why so many of us believe in STEEM. And that’s why this blockchain will win in the end.

Speaking of winning….

How about some GOOD news!

This morning I woke up to @oracle-d sending me a note and awarding me access to their ‘Onboarding Initiative‘ for SteemSavvy!

Let me just say……

Wow and THANK YOU!!!!!

I can’t wait to get new SteemSavvy members onboard STEEM and help them on their journey and this initiative will help in so many ways.

So in the end….

FUD be damned!

And I hope sites like Coindesk start to highlight the AMAZING things taking place here each and every day.

It’s time for the world to know, the awesomeness that is…STEEM!


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