Why It Might Be Time To Lose The False Modesty

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Some people in life are naturally modest and like to play down their achievements while others are the very opposite.

We have all met people who claim every success they were part of as their own and love nothing better than telling the world how awesome they are.

At the same time we will know people who are so modest that they want to just melt into the background and will happily allow the arrogant people take the credit for their achievements.

Your own particular personality will determine which extreme you are closer to and today’s post is for those who fall nearest the really modest side of the scale.

First of all there is nothing wrong in modesty and there is a lot to be said for sharing the credit with others who helped out on a project or task which went really well.

The problem may arise if you are so modest that you underplay your achievements to the extent that others may well believe you contributed virtually nothing at all yourself.

In business you want people to know your worth or else run the risk that they will undervalue or overlook you totally.

When people know your true worth they will begin to value you more and that can only be good for business.

Allowing yourself to take credit where credit is due is your Plus 1 for today.

One thought to “Why It Might Be Time To Lose The False Modesty”

  1. Good post Patrick. This is good to know if you you don’t say anything to anyone about your accomplishments. It sounds important that you tell people what you have accomplished, and I am sure one can do this in a way that doesn’t make them arrogant. Thanks for letting the people melting into the background about this. 🙂 And you know I think maybe some people that are melting back there don’t know what they have accomplished. Any advice on that?

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