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Why This Book I Read In 2002 Has Me Excited For Steem’s Future…

So I love to read…

I’ve been a book worm now for almost 2 decades! And I discovered my new found love of reading when I first started trying to build my online businesses…

One of the first books I read was this gem from Al and Laura Ries

(not an affiliate link.)

This book, changed so much for me…It was written in 2002 so it’s quite outdated, but one of the biggest take aways from it was this point…The first brand to market, has the best chance of success. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but generally when you think of a brand position, the first that made it to market usually has the most success and recognition.

If you think of cola products, you would be lying if you didn’t think Coke. Sure you may have a preference but the point is…The first to market, usually has a great leg up on the competition.

So what does this have to do with Steem?

The golden chalice of blockchain success seems to be, which chain can develop the perfect social media experience. We’ve seen it with EOS, LBRY, and a host of others that have promised the world…

But here’s STEEM!

Chugging alone, enjoying little pumps every now and again with over a million accounts ready to rock!

First to market!

Now this doesn’t mean that Steem is perfect, sure there are issues. But when it comes down to it, we see actual use case on a daily basis here and that cannot be ignored.

But have you been paying attention to what is taking place here these days?

– You have @Steem.Leo absolutely crushing everything in it’s path. With amazing development and showing what can be built on the Steem Engine platform. It’s been absolutely remarkable to watch and it’s only getting better each day.

– The team at @ReggaeSteem are hosting JAHM FEST this summer! An entire offline event focused on their amazing token as well as other blockchain projects in the Caribbean.

– @HolyBread is the hottest new game on the blockchain that’s become quite the addiction for many!

– @Splinterlands continues to pave the way and raise awareness to this blockchain like nothing else out there. Remarkable!

– And don’t forget all the amazing Twitter campaigns that are constantly being done to bring new eye balls to Steem from amazing Steemians like @stephenkendal and @theycallmedan

This place is just …Rocking!

And yeah, I’m a fan boy. So I’m obviously going to feature all the great things that take place but you would have to be ignorant to say…Steem isn’t an active place!

So this is meant to be a ‘rah rah’ post, to remind people how good we have it here…But most importantly, we’ve got first movers advantage! Being the first blockchain to have a working social media platform that people actually use is…Huge!

Let’s remind ourselves of that when people tell us how ‘bad’ Steem is! This is a big reason why I believe in Steem. Sure we have all the amazing communities and people her,e but we were first. And that’s a big advantage that so many others just simply don’t have…



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