Why Worrying About The Price Of STEEM Is A Waste Of Time…

Here comes another fan boy blog post…It’s no secret, I love STEEM.

It’s so much more than just a cryptocurrency for me. It’s also more than another Facebook / social media alternative…But sadly, the main thing people seem to concern themselves with (in crypto and STEEM specifically) seems to be the price of the tokens!

I get it, it’s sexy! The potential of crypto and it’s life changing opportunities…

A lot of people on the blockchain got their start here during the all time highs and have been riding the dreams of $4 STEEM since…

We see claims that it’ll rise to $10 or even higher but here we are, hovering around 80 cents per token.

What’s interesting…Every time I load up my feed I’m seeing awesome projects being developed on the blockchain and innovation taking place daily.

Weird right?

Shouldn’t we be running for the hills, screaming scam and getting back into our 9 to 5 mentality?

Something I have maintained for months now on STEEM is that the last thing we should be worried about is the price of the token. And that’s a tough sell, simply because people have their hard earned money invested here plus the sweat equity they have put into creating content.

Personally, I look at this as a social media platform first and a crypto currency second. While I believe in blockchain and everything it stands for…It’s way above my pay grade to understand it all. I’ll leave that for the smarter people here and concentrate on the things I can control…

– I can create content daily here
– I can also engage with the awesome people that comment on my posts
– Spend time daily discovering amazing content creators
– Promote STEEM on other social media platforms as a BETTER solution and experience!

Can I control the price of STEEM or any crypto for that matter? Absolutely not. And that’s why UTILITY has been the most important thing for me when choosing any crypto to get behind…

We can actually USE this blockchain and the amazing apps on it…So what are we waiting for?


10k Bitcoin?

Warren Buffet to announce he’s going all in on XRP? lol

Stop worrying about the price of this stuff and actually USE it…Your experience will be so much rewarding and then you’ll end up being a raving fan regardless of the price.

There is so much on the horizon for STEEM…Now is the time to dig deep and get active 🙂



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