Why You Need To Worry About The Price Of STEEM….Now!

So yesterday’s post got a fantastic response and it’s something I stand by for as long as I’m on STEEM…I won’t concern myself about the price of STEEM but rather focus on what I can control here on the blockchain.

And that’s creating content and engaging with the awesome people here on STEEM!

So it’s got to be a head scratcher when I name this post about 24 hours later…”Why You Need To Worry About The Price Of STEEM…NOW!


Which is it Jon?

I am playing the long game with STEEM. Meaning, I’m invested in this blockchain for much more than the 13 weeks we need to power down. In fact, I’m willing to sit on my STEEM investments for years and work hard every day to create the content that hopefully attracts more people to my brand and blog…

With that being said, we need ‘STEEM Power‘ to add influence on the blockchain. The more STEEM Power we have, the more we get noticed and attract the audience.

So my game plan has always been, to accumulate as much STEEM Power as I can…And when I got involved here at STEEM, the prices were a lot higher than they are now. So my goal of reaching 5000 STEEM Power by the end of 2018 seemed like a pipe dream…

But then you look at the market and you see this…


89 cents!

What a time to be alive!!!!

This is why we need to pay attention to the price from time to time because this is a HUGE buying opportunity for STEEM.

As I’ve mentioned, a lot of us got in on STEEM when the prices were hovering around 4 bucks or more per token and here we are…Sitting at less than 90 cents!

If you have the long term vision for STEEM like I do, you should be jumping up and down right now and doing everything you can to get as much of this stuff as you can. Sure that might mean spending a few bucks to get some on the exchanges but at LEAST be posting and commenting daily!

Combine this amazing buying opportunity with the news from the Steemit Blog about the 2019 launch dates for SMT’s and you can see…89 cents is a steal right now!

It may go up quick, it may go lower…Who knows, but for me and those that have a long term vision for this platform and blockchain…It’s a huge opportunity!

So while we shouldn’t spend time worrying about the price of STEEM and if it goes lower or higher…We should be aware of opportunities like this…When the price is low, it’s time to get even more excited and snatch up as much as we can…



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