Will STEEM Save My Life….Again?

(Apologies in advance, this is a lengthy post…And I’m a little emotional as I write this..)

I discovered STEEM when I was at my lowest. My life was in chaos but thankfully I found STEEM at the right time and began to pour my heart and soul into this blockchain…

This may sound like sensationalism but to me, it saved my life. It allowed me to put the drama and struggles of the past in the rear view mirror and let me go ‘all-in’ on a project I loved from the moment I joined.

So far, so good…

But when it comes my health…

I’m not what you would call, an Adonis. Far from it. I’m about to turn 42 years old and in pretty bad shape. On top of that, I have a new son that is expected in May and a 19 month old that’s full of energy! As you can imagine he loves playing with his Dad….

However just bending down is a struggle with this body! And I feel like I’m failing him…

So that’s my situation. Almost 42 years old, borderline diabetic, about 100 lbs overweight, and haven’t done any physical activity in about….5 years.

I’m playing Russian Roulette with my health…

And with a wife and 3 kids, it’s a gamble I can no longer afford to take.

STEEM to the rescue 🙂

At 2:51am last night, I get a message on Twitter from @NathanMars and this is what he posted:


He challenged me!

Now if you know Jon G. Olson…You’ll know what I’m doing at 2:51am….I’m in bed, usually reading. Stuffing my face with something un-healthy!

But something told me…Don’t make an excuse, get up and …Do the damn push ups!

It was the most energy I have used in a long long time. You can even see my arms shaking in the video as they struggle to lift 330 lbs of….Jon.

But I did it…And something came over me to end the excuses. Stop being the guy I have been for 42 years and put my health at the top of my priority list.

And I have 3 very important reasons to make that decision…

So a few months ago….I created this secondary Steem account called @jonolsonproject

With a crazy idea….

I would start putting my health first and documenting my journey via @actifit and now…Thanks to this amazing movement on Twitter that so many Steemians are taking part in (#Seven77), I’m about to dive head first into this….

It seems simple enough right?

Do 7 push ups for 77 days!

I can do that!

And what’s really important for me is to document the entire journey and to not be overwhelmed. If I’m going to tell myself I need to work out every day for an hour, I’ll fail…Miserably!

This is critical and something I learned while reading The End of Procrastination a few weeks ago….Don’t bite off more than I can chew. Start slow, but continue to make progress everyday.

This is why I think the #Seven77 movement is perfect for me! It’s an achievable goal that I can complete…Everyday!

I’m going to be sharing my experiences on that new account in the form of @Actifit posts as well as some pics of this journey…

I’ve waited my entire life to be healthy and with so much to live for, it’s time to put this into action and stop the excuses.

So today I’ve:

– Done my 7 push ups with video proof here…It’s painful to watch lol

– Started my day with a healthy veggie juice. Juicing will be a big part of my journey!

– Even did 7 minutes on my Bowflex Max Trainer (it’s literally been a stand for my winter jacket for the past 5 years….time to put it to use)

At the end of each day, I will post my numbers to @jonolsonproject regardless of what I hit. I will do this EVERYDAY for the next 77 days and we will see where I’m at.

Look, I’m no personal trainer. I’m no expert in health and fitness. I just know I need to move my body everyday, no more excuses. And with achievable actionable goals to set everyday (7 push ups, 7 minutes on the Bowflex) I know I can accomplish it!

So get ready STEEM!

This blockchain is going to save my life….TWICE in less than a year and a half!

And if you are interested in taking part in the #Seven77 challenge…Be sure to look for it on Twitter and here on STEEM!

And if you wanna watch me PAINFULLY get through these 77 days….Be sure to follow my other account @jonolsonproject

(Encouragement will be needed and very much appreciated lol)


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