With 1,135,064 Accounts on STEEM…How Can You Stick Out From The Noise?

I really enjoy following @penguinpablo on STEEM. Every single day, he goes through all the numbers behind the blockchain. From the amount people that powered up, to accounts that power down…How many new accounts are created and how many daily active users there are…

But one stat to me is the most important…And that is total users on the STEEM blockchain. And as of this morning PenguinPablo’s latest stats have us at 1,135,064 accounts!

1.1 million plus!

And growing each and everyday. And I expect with Hardfork 20 right around the corner, we will see even more people joining STEEM in the coming weeks…

As an entrepreneur and content creator, that tells me I have 1.1 million plus opportunities to make a daily impression!

Yes, I know that’s not 1.1 million active accounts but you get the point…I have opportunity…EVERY DAY…To get my personal brand out there and add value. The issue is for many newer Steemians is how can we do that effectively with so many accounts and pulls for our attention.

Let’s be honest..Unless you come jumping onto STEEM with a few hundred thousand STEEM and powered up, people don’t always run to your blog or content…So we need to ask ourselves, how can we stick out from the crowd and build those relationships with the 1.1 million people on the blockchain…

Here’s a few tips;

1. Show Up Everyday – This is so important. And while it sounds really good on paper and easy to do, not many follow through. Look, let’s be honest, with STEEM around 70 cents a pop right now, people aren’t beating down the doors to ‘make money blogging’…But rest assured, there is plenty to be excited about. So show up! Everyday! Yeah you could create content but that also means commenting, resteeming, using the Dapps on the blockchain…But be active! Every day no matter what…

2. Be Remarkable – I read a book years ago that stands the test of time as being my favorite business book ever – Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. In this book, Seth argues that one must be remarkable to remain relevant. He says, no one remembers a black and white cow in the pasture….But if you see a Purple Cow, now that’s unique! So be unique. Be memorable. Do things others may stay away from and leave your mark with others! Whether it’s through blogging, video creation, photography, music…Whatever…You are not limited here on STEEM!

I myself, I try to use all the Dapps as well as run my monthly contests to create positive attention to my content…Find what works best for you!

3. Power Up – It would be great if people would notice your hard work and all the passion you have towards your content…But this just doesn’t happen here. I’ve been here for almost a year and as much as I show up daily and post content regularly, I’m often overlooked. Heck I even attended the STEEM Creators conference last week and was forgotten to be mentioned in a few posts from other attendees. That tells me, as much as I love this platform…People just don’t always remember hard work…But they do remember…An upvote!

And how can you get noticed here? By powering up and curating awesome content that continues to show up on others pay outs. Yeah this may not be the most popular advice…Because that means you have to actually spend some moolah….But it works!

4. Network! Engage! Communicate! – As much as my ego took a hit last week at the STEEM Creators conference, I still believe in attending offline events. I’m working hard to get to Poland for STEEMFest3 and absolutely LOVE offline events. The people you meet, the things you learn and the networks you build…Are worth the price of admission alone. Hey, maybe a trip to Europe isn’t in your cards this year…Not to worry, get out there and ENGAGE by commenting on others posts…DAILY! (Remember point 1 above??)

Remember, this blockchain and it’s members have a tendency to create communities and support each other…So find those communities, get involved and see how you can add value to them!

5. Be Passionate! – Live this stuff. Breathe this stuff. Share this stuff! Everywhere I go, I’m waving the STEEM flag…Literally! I have bought STEEM t-shirts, @dlive t-shirts, a STEEM Silver coin, posters, books and printed out the white paper to read it a few dozen times…I love this blockchain, this project and the people here….And I hope that comes through with my content! You cannot fake this stuff, so fall in love with your work and people will notice!

These are just a few tips and tricks that have helped me on my journey…And it’s by no means a full list…But if you want to stick out from the crowd, these techniques WILL help you…I guarantee it!

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