WordPress…I Love You But….I Have Found Another!

Complete transparency here today and I hope you enjoy the post as well as me…Literally pouring my heart out on paper….Errrr….On the screen?

If you have been curious as to where I’ve been over the past few weeks (or months, I’ve lost track of time) I’ve been falling in love with crypto currency.

I know right…“Not YOU TOO JON!!!!”

Yup, I have fallen into the rabbit hole and have been on a mission for the past month and a half to learn everything I can about this fascinating new technology and more importantly…Opportunity.

And that’s exactly what I feel that crypto is. It’s not a fad. It’s not a bubble. It’s not the latest in tech…Or maybe it’s all three? THAT’s what is so fascinating to me…No one really knows exactly where this is going but millions are jumping on board to experience the ride.

And wow what a ride it’s been! From Bitcoin, to Ethereum and watching hours upon hours of Altcoin Buzz videos on YouTube….I’ve become…One of them!

And by diving into the world of crypto I have discovered something that I believe…Will change your life completely!

It’s called Steemit and wait until I ‘try’ to explain to you what it is exactly.


1. It’s on a blockchain…
2. It’s a crypto currency…
3. It’s a blogging platform…
4. It’s a social networking site…
5. It’s a community…
6. It’s a live streaming service…
7. It’s….Making people real cash for not only creating content but by curating, commenting and taking part in the daily discussions that go on.

And talk about discussions….WOW! It’s not just ‘how to make money online’ or ‘personal development’…It’s absolutely everything you could possibly imagine.

I’ve only been a member there for a few weeks but already I can see the huge impact this is going to have on my year and life in 2018….

If you have not yet joined Steemit, do it NOW before the masses do.

And there is no referral link. I’m not trying to get you to join my downline and I don’t make money directly from you joining the platform. I’m doing this and becoming an evangelist for this because I believe in it and see how life changing it can be for everyone that has ever read Plus 1 Daily. Yeah, it’s THAT special!

Be sure to join and follow me! I’ll be sure to do the same πŸ™‚

P.S. When you first join, you are going to be scratching your head on a lot of the inner workings of Steemit. Drop me a line and I can walk you through a ton of the stuff you need at first to get started. Also, because the community is actually PAYING for you to join for free, this isn’t like Facebook and Twitter where you sign up automatically. You must be approved first which can take a day or two. Don’t worry…It’s worth the wait πŸ™‚

16 thoughts to “WordPress…I Love You But….I Have Found Another!”

  1. I joined Steemit when Jon did, but it wasn’t until tonight during the Zoom meeting I finally had my ‘aha’ moment.

    No, it wasn’t about how to monetize content, rather, the content that IS THERE to find! Holy guano Batman, that place rocks! And . . . (wait for it) . . . you can get paid to comment on all that amazing stuff you find! No, you probably won’t be buying a new Lambo next month, but you may find that just doing simple things can add up over time.

    Yes, I, too, am lost in the rabbit hole of crypto and Steemit – and loving it!

    Great post, Jon!

    1. I’ve been writing on this blog for 3 years now…And while there is some huge indirect benefits from using things like WordPress…I’d love to find out how to implement more Plus 1 Daily into Steemit if it’s possible…Time to do some digging πŸ™‚

      1. Jon,

        Trying to get those on Steem to hop on Plus 1 Daily to lead them
        to Plus 1 Success would be trying to prompt new comers from Steem
        to take a cut in pay.

  2. Hmmm… Interesting Jon (and Richard).

    Not sure if I am able to put yet ANOTHER thing on my very full plate, but as I am ALWAYS on the lookout for interesting things to participate in and to share, I just might take a look.

    This is the first blog post I have read in a while (soooooo behind!) Glad I read it!

    Great stuff Jon!
    (sent you a short message on Skype)

    1. Thanks man. Yeah it’s pretty awesome. But the only way Steemit works is if people stay active for the long run. I introduced a lot of people in our private Skype group over the past few weeks, only a handful have actually stayed the course. πŸ™

      It’s an awesome platform, but you need to use it to see the benefits.

  3. Steemit has been an incredible discovery and it’s something that doesn’t make sense at the start but then makes perfect sense once you figure it all out. Thanks for sharing and doing what you do!

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