You Can Make Money Or Excuses, But You Can’t Make Both!

I recently finished reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s Get Sh*t Done book! And if you have read any of Jeffrey’s work you’ll know how much he loves sticking quotes..Everywhere!

He mentioned a quote he read from an associate of his that went like this…

“You can make money, or you can make excuses…But you can’t make both!”

How’s that for a reality check? A slice of humble pie…

It’s funny when we start writing blog posts that we hope helps for our readers…But in fact, in ends up being a post that helps us just as much…

You see, I make excuses a lot!

I point fingers, I blame ‘PayPal’, I say it’s the industry I’m in….I am my own worst enemy!

We do it here on Steem as well.

The whales are at fault!

HF21 is to be blamed!

The crypto industry doesn’t know how great it is here on Steem!

Funny thing about pointing a finger, there ends up being 3 more pointed right back at you….

So back to my excuses…I’m trying to introduce the blockchain and the power of content creation…To a big chunk of people that have never stepped out of their comfort zone!

Show up, create content, engage with this Steem community…And you might start making 25 cents a blog post!

That’s a tough sell….

But excuses be damned, I’m seeing some amazing things come from this ‘union’ of ours…We see content creators from all walks of life, stepping out of their comfort zone and CREATING everyday! Their first taste of a blockchain is a picture they took and stuck it up on @Appics to get rewarded from it. Some have shared with us their journey in the new @ClickTrackProfit training platform and have been rewarded for doing so as well…

No excuses. No ‘I will work on this tomorrow’…Just real people, deciding for themselves that they are willing to put in the work!

This is so powerful….

I know what I need to do…I need to keep promoting CTP Talk and Steem to my community because this is where the people are…Even with Steem being around 13 cents at the time of this writing, I believe the real wealth is in the journey. It’s who we meet each and every day…

One look in our Telegram and Discord communities and you can see, first hand, how powerful we can be together. So for me, the mission is clear. No excuses! Keep promoting this tribe and all the amazing people within it. Because this is what matters…The people!

Like the quote stated…We can make excuses, if we choose to. Because only you know what’s most important for those 1440 minutes a day you are gifted.


We push forward. What ends up mattering isn’t the price of Steem (because we can’t do anything about that…) What matters is the people we meet, the content we create and the value we deliver.

Every single day!



The ‘Official’ CTP Merchandise store is open for business.


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

CTP Condenser – https://www.CTPtalk.com

CTP Token on Steem-Engine – https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX – https://dex.steemleo.com/?token=CTP

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