You Don’t Have To Do It

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When we talk about Plus 1 we are generally talking about the process of making small and steady improvements over time.

This could mean doing a little bit more on Tuesday than you did on Monday but don’t think that the Plus 1 mentality means always doing more.

It could just as well involve doing things a little bit smarter on Tuesday than you did on Monday or making a little more progress for the same amount of work.

This means that you don’t constantly have to be taking on new tasks and that you don’t have to deal with every single issue that comes up when you could be doing other things instead.

Plus 1 means getting a feeling for what you should be doing and a feeling for the things you should avoid.

For example don’t be pressured into doing things which help others if they don’t particularly help you.

I don’t mean that you should never do a favor for a friend or colleague…far from it. What I do mean is that sometimes you have to be disciplined enough to say that time you have set aside for working on your business is for working on your business and nothing else.

As you get more successful there will be ever more demands on your time and using this precious resource wisely will be key to your overall success.

Remember that if it does not feel right then you don’t have to do it.

2 thoughts to “You Don’t Have To Do It”

  1. It seems so many want to take things literally. Jon and Patrick told me to Plus 1 so that’s what I will do. They told me to surf 45 minutes a day, so that’s what I will do. But your internal message is – “this probably won’t work”. IMO Plus 1 is — 1) finding some method of work that allows you to lay a foundation of business potential – and eventually growth – and 2) working “on you” to the point that you know there is no way you would ever give up. Thanks Patrick!

  2. Hi Patrick good post and good advice to set aside time for work only. I like to help people. But I also need to get enough surfing done. Take one day at a time is a good one for me, especially if I am feeling overwhelmed. Some days I am too tired to do anything, so the next day I do what I can and I do the best I can.

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