You Don’t Need To Be Seth Godin To Plus 1 In Blogging


If you have a blog you can really get your personality out there to your subscribers, buyers, followers or supporters.

It lets people discover what turns you on, what makes yo angry and what interests you enough so that you want to write down your thoughts or share them on a podcast or video.

You don’t have to be Seth Godin to write a blog…you just have to have some interesting things to say; things that people might find useful, entertaining or both.

Tom Walker is among the people in this community who regularly Plus 1s on his blog.

He admits that he does not update it as often as he would like to but he still updates it regularly and always has something useful and interesting to say.

His most recent blog post is a case in point. In it he tells how he had started writing a blog post which has been inspired by Seth Godin writing his 5,000th post but never got round to publishing it for some reason.

Tom wrote a post explaining why he decided to consign that particular unpublished post to the ‘delete folder’ – the bottom line is that it had become a bit dated because Seth, a prolific blogger, had just published his 6,000th post.

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