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Your 1st Year In Affiliate Marketing

Building ClickTrackProfit over the past decade has had plenty of highs and lows. I’ve seen massive success from not only the site itself, but entrepreneurs that joined the system too. But I’ve also seen many failures…Of course, none more epic than my own! However the number one reason I believe people fail when starting an online business is a lack of planning. Combine that with achievable goals and it’s a nasty combination for so many entrepreneurs giving up…

So last night we had a little chit chat about…What we can do to better our chances of success online. You can view the webinar here if you like:

In the talk, I went over 6 tips and strategies that would help entrepreneurs on their journey. I promised a blog post to follow up the talk, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work…

Before we get started, you need to find your…One thing!

This is something none can help you discover so we put together a little PDF download to help you find your ‘One Thing’! What is your one thing? It’s your passion! It’s what wakes you up at 5 am to start writing a blog post or creating content about. Your one thing is…What you want people to remember you for!

This takes time to find it, and remember, it’s unique to you…So it cannot be rushed! But once you have your one thing, your reason why….You can start the process.

1. If You Aren’t Willing To Dedicate 1 Year To Your Business, Don’t Even Start

Warm and fuzzy advice…Everyone can do this!!! Real advice…Not everyone will! The truth of the matter is that most people give up after only a few months of trying to build a business online. Maybe it’s the fake promises they heard of instant riches, maybe it’s just not for them…Whatever the case, most people will quit! So if you aren’t willing to spend a year, being a sponge, soaking up and learning all you can about your chosen ‘niche’…Don’t even start!

When I first got started, I spent the first year of my career reading everything I could about my chosen field. I was a sponge and soaked it all up. And I actually spent much more than I ever made, crazy story but I didn’t make my first dollar online until a few years into this craziness. But it was o.k. to me, because I was developing a working knowledge that would serve me for years to come.

At the end of the day, you NEED to be prepared to not make a dime online at first…Instead start filling your ‘knowledge’ bank account instead.

2. You Must Be Consistent!

I have seen numerous times online, when people get upset because they aren’t getting any traction on their blogs or social media accounts. One look at their history and you can see why…One post last week, the previous post was 3 weeks ago…Zero consistency! And that will hurt you more than anything else! People do business with those they know, like and trust…And if you just show up when you feel like it, there is no building of any of those things. You can to stick with it…Even when it sucks!

One of my favorite content creators on earth Roberto Blake, famously states that you must create 100 pieces of content before you can expect a simple comment…And 1000 pieces of content before you make a dime! I couldn’t agree more…Thankfully there are applications on the Steem blockchain that can get you rewarded sooner…But we should ALWAYS worry about the journey in this first year. Create a portfolio and track record of content consistently!

3. Use Social Media…Seriously!

This is obvious but still many people miss the boat when it comes to social media…We have an incredible opportunity in front of us where we can leverage all these amazing free tools…Heck, on Steem we even have apps that pay us to use them…Still, most people don’t use them and make every excuse in the world why they can’t! I don’t get it…

Use. The. Tools!


(And pay attention to new up and coming social media opportunities…Like Appics!)

Remember stock & flow content…We want to constantly be in front of people with our flow content. It keeps us top of mind. But our stock content will tie directly into our ‘one thing’ and help us build an authoritative voice…More on that later!

4. Join, Add To & Help Build Community!

Day one, you are ready to fire up your business! You are ready to learn the ropes. Imagine if you joined a community of like minded people, and grew with them during this first year of business…How much value do you think that would bring to you?

The answer…It’s unmeasurable! You see, if you are joining a group or community to spam your affiliate links, you don’t understand what makes up any business…It’s the people! So my suggestion is to get involved in a community of like minded people and see what you can bring to the table. Add value everyday! And here’s the best part…Your community WILL support you, every step of the way! It truly is amazing and why I put such an emphasis on building community with ClickTrackProfit and!

5. Build. Your. List!

Urgh, this is beating a dead horse but let me share with you a quick story…

Years ago when I was setting up my business, I had a meeting with my accountant. When you form a corporation you need to determine what the assets are that the company will ‘own’. Cars, computers, office equipment, etc…To my surprise, my accountant asked for my ‘biggest asset’ first…My list of customers and contact lists!

So yeah…Building your contact / email list is kind of a big deal. So much so, that I would argue it’s the most important thing you work on from day one…You can go that entire year learning, however there is nothing saying you can’t be building your list of contact during the process. If you want a fantastic email management tool, I highly recommend TrafficWave!

6. Constant Content = Expert Status

Remember when I mentioned above about driving people to your business via stock and flow content…Here’s why!

affiliate marketing

I wrote this little formula down years ago to remind myself…If I want to build any kind of reputation or track record of being an expert in my field…I need to focus on building my content, so that my position is viewed as someone…Who may know what he’s talking about. Some of the time 😉

But our personal; brand is very important, and when we are looked at as an expert in our ‘one thing‘ magic starts to happen.

You stop needing to ‘beg’ for sales…People come to you!

You are sought out and looked to as an authority, which means more exposure for your business.

And before you know it, the year has passed…You are developing content every day, learning as well every step of the way. You leverage social media and all it’s massive potential. The community you got invovled in has grown by leaps and bounds and is attracting more people just like you. Your email list is growing as well, and customers are seeking you out every day….

Sounds like a lot of work right?

Welcome to the truth about affiliate marketing…Because it is a ton of work. But worth every second you put into it! Your journey is just beginning….



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