Your Online Business in 2015 – Opportunity Is Everywhere

I saw this image when I was in Facebook today and I absolutely loved it.

Take a second, and really think about the message behind it…


Uber – the biggest taxi company on the planet (and soon to be biggest courier) owns no vehicles…

Facebook – largest media company on earth, creates ZERO content…

AirBNB – Bigger than any hotel chain in the world and owns zero real estate…


In 2015, we truly aren’t limited to what we currently own, we are limited only by our imagination and creativity.

Look at these examples and find out how you can leverage your skills and ideas to create something, revolutionary!

3 thoughts to “Your Online Business in 2015 – Opportunity Is Everywhere”

  1. That is simply amazing. To become the biggest anything and not actually own anything. I truly need to go a different direction. Of course f you think about it affiliates can make all kinds of money and they don’t own the product their pitching.

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