You’ve Got Your Fancy New Steem Account…Now What?

I’ve been working with a lot of Click Track Profit members as they make their way over to Steem…And so far, the experience hasn’t been too bad!

Sure, it’s not as easy as signing up to a centralized social media platform, but onboarding on Steem is a whole lot easier than it was a year ago. I’ve been teach them to sign up through two methods;

1. Through for free

2. Paying a few bucks and going through Steem Ninja

Quite a few have chosen the Steem Ninja route and are quickly set up and have their account ready to go…

Problem is…They have no resource credits (mana)

I started to instruct them to buy delegation through Steem Ninja but apparently that isn’t an option right now, so I thought I would recommend to them…To go through Blocktrades which is where I have quite a bit of delegation purchased myself 🙂

This brief tutorial blog post is to help Click Track Profit members get themselves some delegation quickly, so that they can start posting on Steem and of course….. 😉

Step 1 – Sign into your SteemitWallet


Using your Active Key and Username, log in securely to SteemitWallet. You will notice a button on the right that reads…Buy Steem or Steem Power. Click there! It’ll then open you up to the Blocktrades exchange.

Step 2 – Sign Up To Blocktrades

Easy peasy…You will need an account at Blocktrades, but it’s free to set up. Simply go through the process and then come back the page you opened up from Steemit Wallet.

Step 3 – Fund The Purchase

1. You need to decide which crypto you want to bring to Blocktrades for the purchase. I use Litecoin all the time, but you can use many different tokens. From Bitcoin to Ethereum. You have many choices to fund your purchase.

2. Make sure you use the drop down menu to select ‘Steem Power’. I used 0.1 LTC which currently will purchase over 40 Steem Power. Steem Power is needed to ‘operate‘ on the blockchain but there are many more benefits…Which I explain in detail in both @SteemSavvy and the new Steem training at ClickTrackProfit!

3. Next, make sure your STEEM username is in the box provided.

Step 4 – Send The Crypto You Are Buying With To The Address Provided

Next, send the crypto to the wallet provided…And you are all set!

Here’s the thing with sending different crypto though….So you don’t get worried…Some take a lot longer to come to your Blocktrades account than others. For example, if you send Bitcoin, it may take a while…20 minutes or longer. But Litecoin takes about 5 minutes sometimes less (which is why I love me some Litecoin lol)

But after the purchase goes through, you are ready to rock!

Now why do you need Steem Power?

You see, blockchains operate differently than let’s say…Facebook. With Facebook, you can sign up for a free account and use all the bandwidth you want, because they sell ads to you, show ads to you and your information (as you have read in the news recently) is sold to the highest bidder.

Steem doesn’t ‘own’ your account. You do.

And that account needs to be able to operate because there are no ads and no one is selling your information to anyone.

That requires resource credits (RC) or mana…And RC’s need Steem Power!

There are so many benefits to ‘powering up’ your account which we will go into much more detail later…But right just remember…The more Steem Power you have, the more you can do on the blockchain!

I hope this short tutorial helps you on your new journey here on Steem!

If you have any questions at all…Drop me a line anytime!


New to Steem? We can help @SteemSavvy

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